Tutorials - Getting Started


Now that you have installed and set up FrameTrail, we want to share some basic concepts and functionalities of the application. We assume that you have at this point access to a Project (if not, see: Installation or register yourself as a user in an existing Project and login by clicking the "Edit" Button in the Sidebar).
The most basic part of any Project are the Hypervideos it contains (What is a "hypervideo"?). As a project user, you can add, edit, delete and change the settings of Hypervideos (based on your user role and authorship). Additionally, FrameTrail allows you to create new Hypervideos by "forking" existing ones.

What are Overlays, Video Links and Annotations?


  • allow you to place resources on top of the main video (be that an actual video or an empty time container)
  • can contain any type of resource
  • can only be edited by "admin" users
    (see user role)
  • you can choose the point of time, duration and the position within the video area
  • all users share the same set of Overlays

Video Links

  • allow you to add links to other Hypervideos (internal and external)
  • can contain only Hypervideos
  • can only be edited by "admin" users
    (see user role)
  • you can choose the point of time and duration
  • all users share the same set of Video Links


  • allow you to add accompanying materials to the hypervideo
  • can contain any type of resource
  • you can choose the point of time and duration
  • every user has her own set of Annotations
  • in the tab "Choose Annotations of other Users", you can see an overview of the Annotations of all users (for that Hypervideo) and re-use them in your own annotation set

Long story short: Overlays and Video Links are an integral part of the Hypervideo and shared by all users, Annotations are user-specific additional materials.

Layout configurations


FrameTrail enables you to adjust the player layout to your specific needs. The layout can be configured at several stages:

  1. When you add a new project in the Project Manager, you can set a default layout.
  2. When you add or edit a Hypervideo, you can either keep or re-configure these default settings.
  3. The hypervideo player has additional controls, which allow every user to adjust the layout while the video is playing. These settings are temporary and not saved anywhere (similar to choosing the subtitle language).

Show / Hide Areas

By simply clicking the areas, you can toggle the display of certain features:

(this only affects the player layout, all features will still be available when editing)

"Layout Mode"

This setting defines how Annotations and Video Links are displayed when activated (either by clicking the squares in the timeline or scrolling up / down in the player):

The Hypervideo "adjusts" its size in order to make room for Annotations or Video Links

Annotations or Video Links slide over the Hypervideo and thus "overlay" the main video area