Give Feedback

If you find bugs, have feature suggestions or encounter usability problems, contact us via Twitter (@FrameTrail) or better: file an issue at Github.

Please make sure you read the FAQs before submitting issues. It might not be a bug, it might be a feature ;).

Fix Issues

Help us fixing existing issues. If you have a solution which fixes an already filed issue, send us a pull request on Github. Before you submit your request, please make sure you read the API Docs and pre-checked the code with JSLint (e.g. on There are no specific code styles you are required to use, but we ask you to have a look at the style (especially indentation, module / type initialization, comments and exported functions) of the module you are working in and keep to that. Most of the time it helps copying an existing code block or module file / folder as a base. We generate the api documentation directly from the code (using a customized version of YUI Docs), thus the existing comment block schemes are mandatory.

Extend FrameTrail

If you want to extend FrameTrail with additional modules, types or themes, please have a look at the Roadmap to get an overview of planned features. If your idea is already listed there, contact us first. We might be able to connect you with the people working on the issue, so you can collaborate. For any other extensions, please file an issue at Github, so we know you are working on this and submit a pull request when you are done (see "Fix Issues" above).

Want to collaborate?

If you have ideas for a joint project, just get in touch via Twitter (@FrameTrail) or mail us:

joscha.jaeger | at | filmicweb | dot | org

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